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Employee Investigations

Bars and restaurants are frequently the victims of employee theft, however all business owners are at risk. We can take steps to investigate and ensure confidentiality no matter what kind of business it is, or what kind of employee impropriety is involved. There are far more than just restaurant and bar investigations, and we can help with those too, but here we'll focus on those since they are statistically the most common environments for employee theft.

Often improperly trained personnel can create liabilities for the company. Ensure only qualified and trained personnel conduct investigations and interviews.

Most bars and restaurants have regular employee turnover and nearly all establishments end up hiring someone who will steal from them. Research has shown that up to 75% of the workforce has stolen or otherwise harmed their employers operation.

Your staff can steal from you in many different ways. The result is the same for all businesses though:

Inventory shortages, loss of profits and in some cases; the folding of the business!

Hospitality managers and owners do, on occasion, need an extra eye and ear. Arellano Investigations Inc. can provide detailed reports exploring daily operations with employee evaluations. If there is theft or non-theft operational weaknesses, we can offer solutions that will strengthen your day to day procedures. Our investigators have experience working in hospitality settings so they are experienced with many common causes of your financial losses. There are many things we can look for in determining where your money is going:

* Did the highball glass have all the ice it would hold?
* Did the bartender bunch sales and ring up several at the same time?
* Was a receipt issued at every sale?
* Was the cash register closed at all times?
* If wait staff was paid with exact change, were any funds pocketed?
* Are drinks being over-poured?
* Is every sale being rung up?
* Are employees spending more time socializing rather than working?
* Are people being admitted without paying cover?
* Is inventory walking out the back door?

Ultimately, we can give you proof of what goes on when you are away!
If you are losing money due to theft, we can help. Call us now!

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