If you are in need of a private investigator in Colorado, regardless of your location, we are available 24 hrs.

We've worked with attorneys, other investigators, forensics experts and other well respected legal experts at the highest levels.

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You can contact Arellano Investigations at our Pueblo, CO number 719-406-0671. Or, contact us by email at contact@arellanoinvestigations.com

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Investigative and legal affiliates
Adam Schultz - Attorney at law
Patrick Avalos - Attorney at law
Becky Briggs - Attorney at law
Guillermo Garibay - Attorney at law
Karl Tameler - Attorney at law
Arellano investigations of Colorado maintains relationships with a number of professional attorneys, organizations and legal investigators throughout the state. Below is a partial list of some of those organizations and individuals.

If you are a legal or investigative organization with an affiliation or business relationship with Arellano Investigations and wish to be added to the list, please contact us here.
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