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At Arellano Investigations we believe that anyone charged with a crime in the state of Colorado, or anyplace governed by U.S. law, is:

"Innocent until proven guilty!"

Every person charged with a crime needs a good investigator working on the case. One that is dedicated to the belief that "The charges are only charges," and the prosecution must be able to prove the accusations:

"Beyond a reasonable doubt!"

After twenty five years of criminal defense work, I am well prepared to work on any charged case from Shoplifting to 1st degree murder. In many cases, information gleaned by criminal defense investigators has resulted in the exoneration of wrongly convicted individuals.

It is important to realize that criminal investigators are a very important part of the criminal trial process. Often times, having the right investigator is just as important, or even more important, than having the right attorney. Criminal defense investigation is one of the most pivotal aspects of criminal defense and is often overlooked by those who don't fully understand the process.

We employ methods such as surveillance, information gathering, obtaining testimonies, interviewing law enforcement officers and interviewing witnesses (and bringing in those same witnesses to testify in court). We also conduct background checks and follow up on all leads.

The core of what we do is to uncover the truth behind a criminal case and to present our findings, whether positive or negative, to the defense attorneys we work with so there won't be any surprises later. We do however provide investigative services to private parties who prefer their own criminal defense investigator.

If you need to find the truth, call us now!

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