Arellano Investigations is committed to providing investigative services that are discreet, thorough, conscientious and professional.

Whether you are a private party or represent a legal firm, call us to see what our investigative services can do for you!

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Civil Investigation

Arellano Investigations offers civil investigation services and we handle each case confidentially and according to the investigative needs of the client. Our investigators conduct fact finding investigations to which an attorney can apply the law.

We have ample experience in interviewing, interrogation, evidence and forensic procedure and we assist the attorney in achieving a desired result for a client, whether it be a favorable judgment, an agreeable settlement, or an amicable disposition.

The function of the legal investigator is to locate and interview all parties involved in the litigation. We will locate any and all evidence and facts, be it written, testimonial or physical so as to assemble a complete documentary of the case at hand.

Regardless of the type of civil case you are involved in from a cheating spouse to a case of insurance fraud, we can help you find the truth and shed light on the hidden facts. We hold your privacy in the highest regard and offer investigative services that are confidential, discreet and thorough.

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