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PI2 #284

Hi, my name is Joe Arellano and I'm the founder and chief investigator for Arellano Investigations. I am licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies as a Level II Private Investigator, License PI2 #284.

I'm originally from La Junta, Colorado but I've resided throughout the state. Living and working within these Colorado communities has helped me to understand the area and its people. I have been covering the entire state of Colorado for the last twenty five years and have experience in all types of investigation along with the legal processes involved.

Being a private investigator means tapping into my past and present abilities and experiences, including Professional Wrestler, Photographer, Motorcycle Rider, Eagle Scout, Koshare Dancer, Emergency Medical Technician, Psychiatric Technician and member of the Pueblo West Volunteer Fire Department. It's a blend of people skills that has made me a successful investigator for 22 years, and helped me start Arellano Investigations, Inc., in the early 1990s.

"I try to treat each and every case I work with the utmost respect, knowing that if I don't do my job the way it is supposed to be done, no matter how miniscule, it will affect somebody, so I want to do my job to the best of my ability so the legal process works."

Arellano Investigations of Pueblo, CO and Colorado Springs, CO
You can contact Arellano Investigations at our Pueblo, Colorado number 719-406-0671. Or, contact us by email at contact@arellanoinvestigations.com
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Pueblo, CO based private investigators.
If you are in need of a private investigator in Colorado, regardless of your location, we are available 24 hrs.

We offer discreet, professional investigative services to attorney's, private parties and are certified through the Colorado alternate defense counsel.