Pueblo, CO based private investigators.
If you are in need of a private investigator in Colorado, regardless of your location, we are available 24 hrs.

We offer discreet, professional investigative services to attorney's, private parties and are contracted through the Colorado alternate defense counsel.

Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel
Private Investigation

It's what we do!

At Arellano Investigations Inc. of Colorado we are in the business of helping you become more informed about your specific situation, whatever that may be. Our focus is providing you, the client, with the information you need regarding any problem. Whether your needs are criminal or civil in nature, we will investigate with the understanding that every case is special in it's own way.

Our investigators can confidentially get you the information you need quickly, accurately and affordably. Our investigators have access to methods and information not generally available to the public. Information is knowledge and can often mean the difference between a positive and negative outcome and we can help you obtain the information you need to aid you in making the tough decisions.

Our investigators abide by the highest ethical and moral standards while providing the most discreet, professional and competent services possible. If you are undecided about needing an investigator we urge you to call us and let us assist you with your decision. Whatever you decide to do you can rest assured that we will provide you with a completely unbiased evaluation of your options.

Arellano Investigations provides services to individuals and attorneys in Pueblo, Pueblo West, Colorado Springs, Denver, Colorado City, Canon City, Aurora, Walsenburg, Fort Collins, Lakewood, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Lamar, Penrose, Arvada and  has been serving the entire State of Colorado for nearly 35 years.

Contact us today and let us help you with your specific situation.

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You can contact Arellano Investigations at our Pueblo, CO number 719-406-0671. Or, contact us by email at contact@arellanoinvestigations.com

If you are seeking assistance from a Process Server, process services are now being provided through Arellano Process Services.

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