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Ask any successful trial attorney and more often than not, they will unofficially praise the work of their investigator. It is extremely important that you not delegate this process to any subordinate or any individual who has little or no experience conducting research or dealing with investigative legal process and the chain of custody.

Arellano Investigations Inc. helps attorneys, paralegals and litigation departments produce and disseminate factual information in a number of formats to assist lawyers in any litigation matter.

Our multi-faceted legal investigator and legal support services provide powerful solutions for you and your clients. Many legal investigators focus only on litigation preparation by locating and interviewing witnesses. Our legal investigators can take that a giant step forward through our surveillance and background check services. 

At Arellano Investigations our investigators can get what you need through asking the right investigative questions, video and photographic evidence, discreet but legal and ethical information gathering, and background investigation that is relevant to the issues and credibility of witnesses and other parties.

Investigation is a cornerstone of criminal and civil litigation. And the role of the investigator is central to every important step in the process from case preparation to post-conviction challenges.

Arellano Investigations Inc. specializes in criminal defense investigation but we have many years experience in other types of cases and we can get the job done properly so you don't have to worry whether anybody is looking out for your best interest.

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One of the most significant decisions an attorney can make during their career is choosing a private investigator.

The difference between a mediocre investigator and a skilled investigator can sometimes be the difference between a prosperous and a dismal outcome.