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Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel
JDS Criminalists LLC, Forensic investigators
Colorado Rocky Mountains

"I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to work closely with Mr.
Arellano on an attempted first degree murder case. I was able to experience
Joe's interviewing skills as well as his keen ability to perceive and point
out to me key points in the investigation. As a forensic examiner who has
had experience with a number of criminal investigators over the years, I was
very pleased to find that Joe was tremendously easy to work with. Because
of his sense of teamwork, his character, and his investigative talents, it's
easy to see why Joe Arellano is a well-respected investigator among
attorneys in the Southern Colorado area."

Jeff Saviano, CFC

JDS Criminalistics, LLC

Forensic Examination and Consulting Services

PO Box 75070

Colorado Springs , CO 80970

Phone: (719) 337-0869

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Arellano Investigations of Pueblo, CO and Colorado Springs, CO

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You can contact Arellano Investigations at our Pueblo, CO number 719-406-0671. Or, contact us by email at
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~Proudly serving Colorado since 1989~

You need an investigator who works with and knows the community. At Arellano Investigations we have a wealth of familiarity with both the community and the Colorado legal system and have worked closely with attorneys and individuals throughout the state and nobody is more familiar with Pueblo and Colorado Springs than we are.