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   Child support investigations      

 At Arellano Investigations Inc. we have the tools and the skills to locate a deadbeat parent for child support collection and the more information you have about this person that you can give to us, the less it should cost. With these types of cases, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your situation. The investigator can then set up a budget with you and go over exactly how we will proceed with your case. As private investigators, many times we have the ability to develop a vast amount of information about a deadbeat parent, including where they live, work and what they own to help you to collect child support and improve the life of your child.

     The law governing child support in the United States varies state-by-state and tribe-by-tribe; each individual state and federally recognized American Indian tribe is responsible for developing its own guidelines for determining child support. The Court really has no one to enforce the Court order except for the police. However due to the number of deadbeat parent cases, unless you put the deadbeat parent directly in their lap, the police are really too busy to put much effort into your situation.

     In United States, child support is the ongoing obligation for a periodic payment made directly or indirectly by an ("obligor" or paying parent) to an ("obligee" or receiving party) for the financial care and support of children of a relationship or marriage that has been terminated, or in some cases never existed. Oftentimes, but not always, the obligor is a non-custodial parent. Oftentimes, but not always, the obligee is a custodial parent, caregiver or guardian, or the government.

     In the U.S., there is no gender requirement to child support, for example, a father may pay a mother or a mother may pay a father. Depending on the jurisdiction, a non-custodial parent may pay child support to a custodial parent, or a custodial parent may pay child support to a non-custodial parent. In addition, where there is joint custody, the child is considered to have two custodial parents and no non-custodial parents, thus a custodial parent (obligor) will be required to pay the other custodial parent (obligee).

     Non-custodial parents who avoid their child support obligations are often termed dead-beat parents. This prejudicial characterization of parents ignores the fact that many non-custodial parents are simply unable to pay at the rates they have been assessed. Most states have therefore adopted their own "Child Support Guidelines Worksheet" which local courts and state Child Support Enforcement Offices use for determining the "standard calculation" of child support in that state. Courts may choose to deviate from this standard calculation in any particular case. Remember, we are PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, not a collection agency.  We are not interested in collecting a percentage of what's owed to you.  We provide a simple service..... We locate them and obtain evidence to present to the family court judge or magistrate.

     If you want to make certain your child is financially cared for you need an excellent investigator today. Arellano Investigations Inc. can help. If you are in need of an investigator for a child support, custody or welfare case, please contact us 24 hrs by phone at (719) 406-0671 or by email.

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Child support investigations


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