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Arellano Investigations Inc. offers hidden camera and surveillance services. Untrained individuals have little if any experience in placing surveillance equipment and should engage the services of a private investigator who has experience with various types of investigations. The investigators should also be the persons who review the tapes and look for signs of evidence. They are trained in evidence chain of custody ensuring the video can be used in a court of law. It is also not a good idea for family members to review raw video footage of certain events due to the nature of some investigations.

Covert cameras, otherwise known as spy or hidden cameras have become more and more popular in recent years. Some of this sudden popularity is a direct result of investigations that have uncovered abuse of children by babysitters and daycare centers, abuse of the elderly in care centers, employee theft, shoplifting, vandalism and domestic situations including infidelity cases.

If most cameras within a video security system are in plain view, they are more susceptible to vandalism or avoidance by the subject being monitored. It is in these areas where a hidden camera can be extremely helpfull in loss prevention, protecting a loved one or providing evidence in criminal and civil cases. The laws governing use of hidden cameras varies from state to state and it is highly recommended that you allow an investigator to handle this sometimes tricky endeavor as they are familiar with the laws and procedures involved.

We can perform this service discreetly and professionally. Call us and talk to an investigator today.

Hidden Camera and Surveillance
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